Environmental Policy

Environmental initiative policy

The environmental impact each and every one of us as human beings should be of highest importance, and while taking those extra steps in being aware and understanding how our daily habits and doings can be time consuming, once it is embedded into our personal philosophy it becomes second nature looking after beautiful planet for ourselves but also future generations.

Our environmental impact at Lovegood Loops is taken very seriously and this deprived from our founder Kayla’s strong drive to be better. After the arrival of her daughter Luna it was made clear very quickly that her choices during pregnancy to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible as you can with a newborn was the right choice.


We have implemented environmentally conscious initiatives including but not limited to:

  • Nappies & Wipes – working from home with a newborn we use a lot of nappies and wipes, we support local businesses Eco Naps & Bare and Boho in using cloth nappies and reusable wipes on our daughter. These are then washed in eco friendly washing detergents which goes through a septic system in which waters the back yard.


  • Recycling – we only print what is needed. We only use 100% recycled paper and ensure that all paper once its used to its max potential is then recycled again. All card board and boxes is either recycled, reused or taken to my other place of work being a childcare centre.


  • Postage – your orders will be packaged and/or wrapped in eco friendly options including greenwrap, recycled kraft paper, biodegradable packing peanuts and compostable mailers. We will always ensure your order is packaged safely to both its contents and the environment.


  • Coffee pods – with a baby, coffee is my best friend and we drink lots! Ensuring the pods don’t end up in landfill we recycle them using the Nespresso recycling program.