Welcome to Lovegood Loops

We are a small Australian business that was established in 2018. Originally, the passion project didn’t turn into our wholesome reality. However, with a little bit of LOVE, and a sprinkle of SELF-CONFIDENCE, we have rebranded Lovegood Loops to cater to the magical transition into motherhood i have recently undergone. Each piece is handcrafted using only the highest of quality materials, to provide a beautiful and safe product for you and your family.

“Two years on, I now have a Luna to my Lovegood and a new drive to follow my dreams. I only hope to show my daughter the magic that dreams can create, and that we do anything we put our mind and heart into.“ - Kayla

I hope you enjoy our creations as much as we loved creating them for you.

Along with our own brand - we have reached out to some of our favourite brands to be able to supply them to you through our store. Making shopping and purchasing more convenient in our modern day lifestyles. - Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop of our new products, brands, promotions and more. Directly to your inbox.

With love Kayla & Luna xo 

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